Freedom Within a Framework

When I talk to digital leaders about what makes an effective web strategy, the answer often comes down to hitting the right balance with governance. They want to be “the department of yes” and offer their stakeholders freedom and agency, but within the right framework to manage risk and cost. This is unfortunately much easier said than done.

Seven Steps to Escape the Website Relaunch

It’s no surprise the traditional website relaunch model frequently fails to deliver the promised business velocity. Instead of catching up, the website lags further and further behind. Because the website is the company’s most valuable digital asset, eventually that becomes unacceptable and someone will be brought in (or promoted) with a mandate to fix it. Again.

Watch Out Dynamic Properties: Pantheon Now Offers Support for PHP 8.2

PHP 8.2 was released on December 8, 2022 and is now available on Pantheon. You can update with confidence using Pantheon’s Dev, Test, Live workflow because the PHP version is managed in version control and deployed along with the rest of your code.

Start Your Learning Journey with Pantheon Learning!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Pantheon Learning where you can learn all about how to create, launch and manage your site on Pantheon! Pantheon Learning offers both self-paced online learning and virtual instructor-led training with experts so that you can learn anytime and get the support and guidance you need for Pantheon’s more advanced features. Here are just a few of the things you can learn about: How to begin using Pantheon’s dashboards, workflows and tools.

Why a Good WebOps Practice Can Save 5+ Years Before Next Site Upgrade

Much of our industry is trapped in a mental prison of “relaunch” thinking. It’s one of the biggest drivers of dysfunction in the status quo. We’ve preached against this for years, and it remains one of the clearest and best ways to understand the WebOps difference. 

Pantheon’s LocalDev will be Discontinued in June 2023. Learn About Alternatives.

On June 30, 2023, Pantheon will discontinue support for its built-in LocalDev feature. We are making this change because in the years since we introduced LocalDev, a number of more fully-featured options have become available to developers, allowing offline development and code editing. Have no fear: we’re here to help you with the transition.

Adopt WebOps to Avoid Initialism Overload

Ok, it's been a few years of explaining “Why ‘WebOps.’" We at Pantheon think WebOps is the word that clarifies the changes needed to make websites and web teams more successful. One slide in particular has become my go to tool for highlighting the painful breakdowns in communication that happen when chasing problems on a site.

Building Blazing Fast Decoupled Sites with Easytech Green

Lucas Mingarro, Co-Founder & CEO of Easytech Green, filled us in on an exciting new project with one of the only two liberal arts colleges in Argentina, Universidad de San Andrés. A Pantheon partner since 2016, Easytech Green relaunched the university’s flagship website delivering an accessible, mobile-first user experience using our new Front-End Sites product.

A Practical Guide to Improving Your SEO Strategy in 2023

Digital marketing is a dynamic industry that shows no signs of declining. In 2022, Google rolled out numerous updates that lowered page rankings, demoted unhelpful content and relegated websites with spammy links to the latter pages in search.

DDoS Attacks, Pantheon and You

Since the first documented DoS-style attack in 2000, DDoS attacks continue to flourish. In fact, during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a notification warning entities to be on alert for DDoS attacks.

Explore the Best of Drupal 10

Learn about 10 new features in Drupal 10's theme layer that level up the developer experience.