Why Digital Transformation is the Future of Higher Education

It’s no secret that educational institutions have been updating their pedagogical practices, due to evolving learning expectations and advancements in technology, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing remote learning solutions. Dive into the following post to see why digital transformation is the future of higher education.

Six to Success: Key Practices Web Teams Use to Win

In the following post, Steve Persch, Director of Technical Marketing here at Pantheon, walks through six instrumental practices web teams use to pursue success. Dive in to learn more. 

Hero Op-Ed: The Future of E-Learning

In the following post Pantheon Hero Roy Sivan gives his opinion on the future of e-learning. Hint, it’s here to say. Dive in to read more. Image by Charles Deluvio via Unsplash. 

How L.A. Tourism Meets Customers in Real Time

Learn how L.A. Tourism adopted a WebOps framework to pivot immediately during the pandemic, shifting from attracting outside tourists to local patrons with their website, in the following post. 

Focus on Impact: Reach Your Website Goals

Your website has a job to do — well, likely more than one. Are you setting the right goals for your website, and do you have a plan to reach them? Read this post to gain crucial insight into the process of setting and reaching your website goals.

What's Better for Creating an Online Course? WordPress LMS vs. SaaS

Interested in creating an online course and not sure if using a WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is best? Dive into the following post to learn more about creating an online course and the pros and cons to each approach. 

Creating Safe Spaces in Tech

This Pride Month, we were were lucky enough to sit down with seasoned Drupal developer at Lullabot and passionate community builder April Sides to discuss what it means to build a more inclusive tech community. 

ClubsNSW is Innovating Operations of Retired Veterans Clubs in Australia

Today, registered clubs across Australia are facing new challenges — including an aging clientele, and most recently, mandated closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how ClubsNSW efficiently manages more than 160 clubs using Pantheon in the following post. 

Using Technology to Solve Community Problems

Dive into this informational post to learn how you can set up a simple, functioning website to create positive change out in the community — with tools like the Pantheon WebOps platform and an open source CMS like Drupal.