NationalWeb offers local SEO services to help your website get found by your customers

Get Found by Google. Get Found by Your Customers (and Future Customers)

Appearing at the top of a Google search for your keywords—or at least above your competitors—remains the best (and least expensive) way to be found by new customers. Optimizing your website for local search is one of the best ways to get there.

In the past few years, Google has been putting more and more emphasis on showing highly relevant, highly local search results to users. The tools and procedures we implement in our Local SEO packages help demonstrate to Google that your site is relevant to local users. Consequently, your site will show up better in local search. But more, because Google values Local SEO, implementing a local search optimization plan will help raise your general ranking on the search page for users across the web.

What We Can Do

  • Get Data. We measure the online performance of your company. Our enterprise-level local marketing platform gives you the most accurate picture of your brand’s local search profile. Our web crawlers scan millions of relevant sites to provide you with the most comprehensive representation of your local search performance. We monitor your brand, stores, industry, and competitors to provide you with powerful data and analytics.
  • Fix Web Presence. We find, de-dupe, correct and create local listings for you. This helps your company’s placement in Google organic search and Google My Business (the map section of search results with the local listings).
  • Crawl to Run. We crawl the web looking for reviews of your company and alert you as we discover them so you can take quick action.